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It was on a long drive to Search and Rescue training in 1997 that the idea for All Labs was conceived. Laura Barmore had been breeding Labrador Retrievers professionally for a number of years, and in so doing had compiled a wealth of information about the breed, proper care, and products available for Labradors and their owners. She was always delighted to lend her insights to the interested Labrador owner, but was frustrated by the lack of a good medium through which she could share her knowledge with a wide range of owners and enthusiasts. An on-line catalog that featured both products and information seemed like the right answer.

The next step involved spending three years researching, interviewing countless designers and craftspeople, and traveling to places like New York City, Atlantic City, Washington, D.C., and Las Vegas in order to develop a product line that All Labs is proud to stand behind. All Labs involved several artists and spent over a year in developing a company logo that would capture the irresistible charm of Labradors as well as portray the character and quality of their company. As you will see in the years to come, these three pups will have a life of their own!

During this intensive development process, it became clear that the All Labs catalog offered an incredible opportunity to create and host an on-line library of information specific to the Labrador breed, including feature stories, historical notes, advice to owners, veterinary information, and much more. The All Labs concept evolved from a simple catalog to a complete resource for the Labrador owner.

Situated on a 640-acre farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, All Labs is headquartered in the log home Laura shares with her husband and daughter. It is the kind of place where employees can bring their dogs to work, take them for swimming breaks at the pond, and step over them in route to the computer!

All Labs’ products have been sold to points all over the United States, and have had increasing demand to International customers from England, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia, Canada and Japan. Laura combines her experience on Wall Street and as a breeder to provide All Labs’ customers with the highest standard of service. Laura tends to get the credit for the blooming success, but others including a great core of writers, webmasters, assistants and partners have contributed in making All Labs what it is today.

Ultimately, it has been a true devotion to the breed that prompted the All Labs project. In that spirit, it has been the intent from the onset that All Labs contribute to a number of charitable dog-related organizations. These values – a commitment to both customers and Labradors – are what make All Labs “Your Leading Labrador Retriever Resource.” 
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